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  • Your own ergonomic toolbox that neatly stores all your gadgets. Inspired by the Japanese lunchbox, the Bento® Box. The Bento Box is perfect for your favorite devices or documents, and  helps improve your workflow smoothly at the office or at home. Often on the road? You can easily take the Bento® everywhere you go. Dutch design by Robert Bronwasser.

    1. Offers ergonomic and practical benefits for any type of workstation
    2. Great for hot desking and agile/flexible working
    3. Can be used as a notebook stand, tablet stand, or in-line document holder
    4. Neatly stores your office utensils, documents (A4) and devices (up to 12”)
    5. Shaped inlay made of silicone rubber protects contents
    6. Tiltable cover has 4 ergonomic settings 
    7. Comes with a clever magnetic snap-on support ledge
    8. Works great with Bento® monitor risers
    9. Pending product with unique functionality and design
    1. Max. weight capacity of 13.2 lbs
    2. Dimensions (w x d x h): 14x 10" x 2" - 9.5'' 
    3. Tiltable cover has 4 ergonomic settings and is height-adjustable from 5.3"- 9.5''
    4. Cover can support notebooks up to 15"

Customer Reviews

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Quality and Design

This apparent simple box allows to contain inside, in an orderly way, all those technological gadgets that I need when I use my laptop and that are often scattered here and there for the desk like the charger, the external hard drive, the mouse ...
The upper part, the lid of the box, is also a stand with 3 different angles. The feet are firm even when they have to bear the weight of a 13 "laptop and the pressure of the fingers on the keyboard. On the other hand, about 6 kg and the quality of the materials are synonymous with robustness and reliability. My work station is now more orderly and better organized with this precious Bento

excellent stand and box

i can store my keyboard and mouse... notebook and it's perfect for a small/home/hotdesking office

love it

A clear workspace

If you work with a laptop it is important that you take care about the height of the screen because otherwise you can harm your posture.
To avoid it I got the stand of @bentobydataflex which -appart allowing me to put the screen at eye level (has several heights)- has space to store things inside (folios, notebooks, the case, helmets ...) so I can have the workspace clear and be more comfortable at the same time. How cool is that? I love it.

A brilliant 2-in-1 solution that’s super convenient and beneficial

The Bento Toolbox is perfect for my work from home setup. It enables me to work comfortably as it can tilt at 4 different ergonomic settings. I absolutely love that it doubles up as a storage box as it makes the desk extremely neat and tidy and I’m a bit of a clean freak, so it helps. Of course being able to store things also makes it convenient when I go to the office now and again as it involves hot desking. The Bento Toolbox takes the pain out of constantly moving around and I’m a fan of it. It’s a fantastic 2-in-1 solution.

Great for busy bee's

We run around the office a lot, from scrum room to desk and so forth. This let's me bring all my markers, post-its and devices super easily. Also like steepest setting of lid, perfect for video conferencing! PS also serves as a great tray for my coffee's when moving from A to B.

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