Guarantee policy

Guarantee term: 5 years from the date of purchase.

The guarantee certifies solely that Dataflex International BV will replace any product with an equivalent or repair the product at its own cost if it ceases functioning within the guarantee period after purchase (‘the guarantee’).

The guarantee is void if the defect appears to be due to gross negligence or to the product not being used for its intended purpose, if no proof of purchase can be provided at the request of DFX, or if it appears that the Guarantee & Safety, Installation and Operating Instructions have not been followed.

The guarantee is limited exclusively to the aforementioned. Specifically, the guarantee should not be interpreted as acceptance of any liability on the part of Dataflex  which does not exist under current laws and regulations.

This guarantee covers manufacturing defects in the Bento range. Other damage or malfunctions are not covered by this warranty. To have items replaced under this guarantee, please use our contact form on the "contact us" page. In the e-mail, you must state your name, address and order number, and provide a detailed description of the issue.

Finally, please write ‘reclaim of purchase’ as the subject of the e-mail or letter. Return shipping is paid by Dataflex. If Dataflex cannot find any defects as described above, the product will be sent back to the customer.

Note that repair/replacements will be charged for the following cases, even during the guarantee term.

  • Failure or damage caused by improper use or carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, broken pieces, etc.)
  • Failure or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification
  • Failure or damage caused by fire or water, or a natural disaster such as for example an earthquake

Under this guarantee,  you may receive free replacement in accordance with our terms and conditions, and within the specified term. This will not prejudice your lawful rights as a customer.

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