Get to know the Bento Design Story

How it all started

There has been a huge increase in the number of people working from home or commuting to a shared-desk environment. Flexible working and hot-desking are common now and the clean desk policy has become an important issue.

Research shows that nearly 7 out of 10 office workers suffer from the negative effects of poor ergonomics. This should come as no surprise, considering that most people have to adopt poor posture when working at their desktop computer, notebook or tablet.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a major shift in how people interact with their devices and yet we haven’t seen any clever accessories to properly accommodate that trend.

A new idea was born: to creat a series of timeless work tools that do more than just make you comfortable. We reimagined how desktop accessories could be used in this day and age.

We wanted to create something that you’d love… Bento®.

“Along the way of designing the Bento product series, we got inspired by how a Japanese lunchbox lets you organise, store and carry around your lunch for work. We decided it would be great to apply that concept to an ergonomic product and that is how Bento® got its name.”

We partnered with Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser, to not only make Bento work fantastic, but look amazing too.


Robert Bronwasser

Dutch Design


Robert Bronwasser passionately merges creative skills, common sense and 20 years’ experience into useful designs with a one-off look – to put a daily smile on your face.

Graduated with honors in Industrial Design at Delft Technical University in 1992 – now has 25 years of professional experience and designed hundreds of products.

Has collaborated with dozens of companies, multinationals as well as innovative brands – and still likes every new challenge.

Won several IF Awards, Red Dot Awards, GIO Awards and Interior Innovation Awards – and was Ambassador of Dutch Design Week 2012.

Based in Amsterdam – but enjoys life everywhere.

Bento® design Sketches

By Dataflex - Feeling at work.

At Dataflex, we want to help you get the most out of yourself. Whichis why we want to make you feel at home at work. We call it ‘feeling at work’. Our products achieve the optimum balance between functionality, design and price. But while we help create ergonomic computer workplaces to suit every budget, we never compromise on quality.
We design products at the crossroads of ergonomics, technology and workplaces. Products for every day, every budget and everyone. 

Designed to be green

We also want to do our bit for a sustainable planet. We try hard to be transparent at all times, and always to operate with integrity and respect for society and our environment. 

Bento is a product designed for the circular economy and for disassembly. The materials used for Bento can be separated effortlessly so that they can be disposed of responsibly.

The products are designed to last a lifetime, but in the event of an airstrike, act of God or environmental catastrophe, the individual components can be easily replaced, eventually. 

The outcome?

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