Bento® Toolbox

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    1. Great for hot desking and agile/flexible working
    2. Can be used as a notebook stand, tablet stand, or in-line document holder
    3. Offers ergonomic and practical benefits for any type of workstation
    4. Tiltable cover has 4 ergonomic settings 
    5. Neatly stores your office utensils, documents (A4) and devices (up to 12”)
    6. Shaped inlay made of silicone rubber protects contents
    7. Comes with a clever magnetic snap-on support ledge
    8. Works great with Bento® monitor risers
    9. Patent pending product with unique functionality and design
  • Your own ergonomic toolbox that neatly stores all your gadgets. Inspired by the Japanese lunchbox, the Bento® Box. The Bento Box is perfect for your favorite devices or documents, and  helps improve your workflow smoothly at the office or at home. Often on the road? You can easily take the Bento® everywhere you go. Dutch design by Robert Bronwasser.

    1. Max. weight capacity of 13.2 lbs
    2. Dimensions (w x d x h): 14x 10" x 2" - 9.5'' 
    3. Tiltable cover has 4 ergonomic settings and is height-adjustable from 5.3"- 9.5'' (Note: The maximum practical height may be limited due to a limited screen tilt angle of your notebook)
    4. Cover can support notebooks up to 15"

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great stylish way to keep your desk organized!

Love my new Bento monitor riser and versatile toolbox! Both great designs and of high quality. Definitely worth recommending!

The design is simple and minimalistic and really helpful

The Bento has been really helpful utilising as a laptop/ tablet riser. I continue using this on a weekly basis when I work from home twice per week.
I find the design is simple and minimalistic, with ease of use. The Bento has been a breeze to set up and is very sturdy when sitting on the table. I find the Bento unqique with the magnetic backing which helps keep my laptop in place. Also the height range for the Bento gives a greater viewing angle bringing this up to my direct eye height.

I have shown a few employees in my area who also work from home and have thought it is a very neat and useful to have when working from home. Following discussion with these employees, it was noted more favourable in comparison to other risers on the market. However, the cost may be a little more considerable if were in the direct pricing of other risers.

High quality! Perfect!

Received the Bento toolbox last week. I’m really satisfied! Product feels really good and looks awesome! I’ll recommend this to everyone who wants a clean and good looking desk!

Perfect for a clear and productive desk!

Loving the bento! I'm using mine to store all the cables and other tech clutter that I end up using day-to-day but don't want scattered around my desk. With the built-in stand/riser it is a great work companion for holding my iPad or laptop as an extra screen alongside my main iMac. Really well made and carefully thought-through design. Great stuff!

Perfect for my traveling office needs

While I predominantly work from home with a large monitor at a proper height, I do have to work out of the office with a laptop fairly frequently. The bento toolbox has been a lifesaver on my neck and eyes. My laptop sits beautifully on the toolbox, allowing me to sit and work comfortably without looking down at my screen causing neck pain. My portable keyboard (and other gadgets and tools) fit inside, making it ideal for travel as well as keeping my home desk from looking cluttered. I love the design and the different height options. I'm extremely happy that I found this product and made the purchase.

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