Press Release: The Bento Launch

Press Release: The Bento Launch

April 04, 2018


We have recently launched Bento®, the all-new, proven solution to make your work more comfortable in the most stylish manner.
BENTO® PRODUCT SERIES- A patent pending product with unique practicality  and design. The family of ergonomic desktop accessories that is designed for the way we work today. With an elegant design inspired by the Japanese lunchbox, Bento turns any on-the-go work environment into a stylish, well-organised, comfortable workstation.

The way we work has changed

For Bento, Dataflex collaborated with Dutch designer, Robert Bronwasser.

“While designing the Bento series, we got inspired by how neatly a Japanese lunchbox lets you organise, store and carry your lunch for work,” recalls designer, Robert Bronwasser. “So we applied that concept to an ergonomic product and that’s how the Bento got its name.”


Whether  working from home, hot-desks, the office canteen or scrum rooms. Contemporary on-the-go work lifestyles are blurring the boundaries of what defines a workspace. Dataflex has simply responded to this new reality.  Your own ergonomic toolbox that neatly stores all your gadgets and helps to create a clean desk as well.

Four in one, one-of-a-kind, Bento.

  • Document holder
  • Laptop and iPad stand
  • Desk organizer and personal storage
  • Adjustable monitor stand

Ergonomics for today’s — and tomorrow’s — working lifestyle
Research shows that nearly 7 out of 10 office workers suffer from the negative physical effects of poor ergonomics. Bento ergonomic desktop accessories are designed to ensure a healthy body posture whether you’re using a monitor, laptop or tablet, or even good old-fashioned paper or paper documents. The Bento Monitor Stands do that by raising your monitor to eye-level. While the Bento toolbox lets the user tilt their device to 1 of 4 ergonomic settings for the optimal posture for your body.

Press contact:
Anne-Carlijn Marchand
Dataflex International B.V.
Van Nassauweg 2-6
2921 LX Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands

About Dataflex
Dataflex is a Dutch designer, manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic accessories for computer workplaces. After 30 years specialising in this line of work, we’re recognized today as much for our technical standards as our design flair. We hold a coveted ISO quality assurance certificate for our product development, production, assembly, sales and supply processes, as well as several design honors including the prestigious Red Dot and IF awards.

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