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Mad about the House – PERFECT FOR HOTDESKERS

September 25, 2018


When I was asked about this I was intrigued and decided it was worth a closer look. It’s called a Bento but instead of the compartments being for sushi and salad it’s for your office stuff.

The idea is that you can store the things you really need for your desk and then open it out on your desk where it can double up as a notebook stand.

Now despite the fact that I have this wonderful space in the loft, I often, I regret to say, work at the kitchen table. Which is a sort of domestic version of hot-desking as I have to put everything away at the end of the day.

I also often type up notes from a book and it’s a small thing, but so handy to be able to prop that book up so you can glance from screen to page without having to move your head to much or keep breaking off from typing to flatten the pages down again. I said it was a small thing.

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