Fantastic Bento review by  Millar West Ltd

Fantastic Bento review by Millar West Ltd

May 24, 2019

Brilliant Bento!

Bento = Ergonomic toolbox, Mobile top drawer, Desk organiser, Notebook stand.....basically an essential item.....and of course a Japanese lunchbox!



A favourite part of my job is receiving goodies through the post to review and blog about.....So last Tuesday was to be my lucky day as we had the lovely Nicola Horn from Dataflex come in to show us a few of their fab products, one of them being the cute little Addit Bento.

This lovely (yes I'm going to be using copious amounts of adjectives in this post) Ergonomic toolbox was inspired by the Japanse lunch box which is called, you guessed it....a Bento box.

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