• Desk with open Bento toolbox and adjustable riser on it


    Get the whole set for a clean and ergonomic workplace.
    - Bento toolbox and monitor riser set.

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  • bento.

    Read paper notes, without neckpain.
    - Bento toolbox - white. 

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  • bento.

    Back straight, shoulders relaxed. Use your laptop pain-free for hours on end.
    - Bento toolbox white.

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  • bento.

    The best, I mean the only way to integrate an iPad in your workplace.
    - Bento toolbox black

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Four in one, one-of-a-kind

Use your Bento toolbox as a:

document holder;
laptop stand;
desk organizer and personal storage;
tablet stand.

And combine it with the Bento monitor stand to create the perfect desk set-up.

So why wait? Get your own Bento now!

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What would Marie Kondo do?

Keep your desk set-up tidy, clean, decluttered and minimalistic with Bento.

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